A disciplined process defines our work together

We will

Learn about you, your goals, concerns and risk tolerance

  • Develop thorough understanding of you and where you are today
  • Gather data, documents and statements for analysis


Discuss our recommended wealth management strategy

  • Present custom wealth
    management strategy
  • Introduce asset allocation plan
  • Present investment solutions
  • Discuss compensation and value
  • Agree to implement solutions


Execute our agreed-upon strategy and set expectations for next steps

  • Review first statements
  • Organize paperwork
  • Review online resources
  • Set schedule for future meetings


Meet regularly in progress toward your goals

  • Monthly contact
  • Quarterly financial reviews
  • Semi-annual in-person meetings
  • Keep up to date on life changes
  • Evaluate our services and value

Our responsibilities

  • Be clear on your vision
  • Review existing portfolio
    and process
  • Gather financial planning data
  • Analyze current investments
  • Analyze cash flows


  • Develop custom wealth management strategy
  • Discern appropriate asset allocations
  • Design custom portfolios
  • Establish cash flow plan
  • Bring together specialists,
    as needed (trust and estate, banking)
  • Coordinate with attorney
    and accountant


  • Seamlessly transfer
    existing assets
  • Construct investment portfolios
  • Secure outside money managers when used
  • Establish needed EFT arrangements
  • Confirm reporting mechanisms
  • Keep apprised of inception progress


  • Maintain effective communication
  • Monitor closely
  • Be attuned to personal developments
  • Be attuned to economic and market developments
  • Adjust and rebalance, as indicated
  • Listen and understand



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